The time … I still had a bipolar husband

So last year at this time husband was on the peak of his high. He was so high that had planned to buy about 100 houses in Florida and turn them into AirBnBs.

He was going to Florida every week or so, and almost every Friday his flight would be canceled or delayed causing our ASD son a lot of stress and distress.

He was renting expensive cars, this below was one of them

I am not involved in the finances of the household but I honestly thought that he was renting such a crazy expensive car he could afford it as he usually doesn’t do crazy stuff like this.

Then Passover came and he rented us not 1 but 2 houses in Florida, in one of the most depressing areas with a very small Jewish community. And invited his friend to stay there with the family for FREE.

He thought all this was perfectly fine and who am I to tell him it’s not ok?

He started planning for us to move to Florida to one of the houses he had bought. I *could* have been ok with it but our son has an IEP in NY and after doing a ton of research I found out that public schools in FL are not that great for kids with special needs plus the school in the district he bought the house was not ideal at all. I started worrying.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the heat and if it was just me I might have moved, I don’t really like changes but husband is a damn wanderer, a typical Jew, what can I say.

Honestly, we don’t even own the house we live in but he went and bought 5 houses in Florida.

So a few months in after he closed on the houses reality hit him (and the change of market too), he realized that running an AirBnB is not as easy as he thought so he was able to rent the houses long term after doing mild renovations. He is barely hit even with the mortgage.

At this point he went into depression. He is not the king of the world anymore, he doesn’t want to move to Florida anymore, he realized the area he bought the houses in is not good for our family and now we are stuck still renting in NY.

Our lease is over in September and I am already stressing.

The kids don’t want to move, I don’t want to move but the owner keeps raising the rent. Husband wants to buy a house (i wish the owner decides to sell this one!) but being depressed and the market sh*tty, I honestly don’t think is the right time to buy.

He keeps on sending me listings of tiny disgusting, falling apart house for sale and I keep saying no. If it was during his high he probably would have not even glanced at those houses and would have aimed for the best but being depressed now and worrying about money he lowered his standards to the lowest possible.

Don’t get me wrong, being Jewish is so darn expensive. He wants a house near a synagogue. A small not renovated house in the area we are looking is at least 900k.

While if you took that same house and you put it in a non “Jewish area” it could easily be 500k

I am starting of getting tired of this. Why it has to be so hard.

I want stability. I always only wanted stability and what I got was an unstable husband and no permanent home.


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