The time … homeopathy destroyed me

So I use homeopathy in my home. I usually use it for acutes meaning when you have colds or minor temporary stuff like that.

Homeopathy also has something called constitutional remedies. These remedies supposedly work on a deeper level to fix whatever is wrong in you body.

In order to find your constitutional remedy you need to work with a homepath.

I tried this a few times with different homeopaths and these were my experiences:

1st time I worked with a clinic and was followed by a student supervised by an experienced homeopath.

After a long consultation I was given the remedy THUJA in potency LM (a low potency) to take daily indefinitely.

After a few weeks on the remedy I developed a very bad stomach ache. I started having diarrhea and throwing up, nothing was helping to stop it.

Clearly I can’t be 100% the remedy caused that and I can try to justify the reaction to some mushrooms I ate but that would be too much of a coincidence.

It literally took me weeks to stop throwing up and a trip to the ER for fluids.

It took me months to be able to eat anything but potatoes again.

And that was one of my constitutional experiences.

I tried again a few years later.

This time the homepath gave me just 1 high dose. I am not as sensitive to high doses. I was fine and didn’t feel anything nor any changes.

Not happy, a few months later I tried 1 more homeopath. He had a lot of success stories and I was following him on a Facebook group and sounded like the real deal.

I started with my son then I asked him to do a constitutional consultation for me too.

He prescribed me calc carb 6c to take daily for a month. 6c is a low dose. I should have known better.

After about 2 weeks or so on the remedy I developed the worst cold / sinus infection / sore throat of my life.

I was taking immune booster herbs and I should have been protected from catching anything major, I mean, even if I caught anything the herbs should have helped to keep it mild.

Well, I am on day 7 of being extremely miserable almost not being able to function.

Homepaths will deny connections the same way doctors deny va**ine reactions are real.

I posted in various homeopathic Facebook groups and most of them didn’t approve my post to be posted.

So here I am writing about my experience on my blog hoping someone will read it and be careful with homepathy.

I will still take remedies for acute conditions but I am done with constitutional remedies that all they do is destroy me.

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