The time when … my toddler became a picky eater

My son will be 3 next month.
He is 28 pounds. He is my little peanut.
He used to eat much better when he was younger now it turned into a power struggle.

Do you want A or B?

Today I played a role game, I was him and he was mommy. He was trying to feed me, he asked me “what do you want to eat?” I told him A when he gave it to me I said “NO!”
just like he does. He was cracking up so much.
Not sure it helped. I doubt I will play this game again.

Another time he threw a fit over chicken nuggets!!! Which he loves (it’s a treat, so not every day). My husband sent him to his room. I went with him. After 30 min he tells me he is hungry. I tell him we have chicken nuggets, he says NO.
I let it go, Elsa style. After another 15 min he tells me he is hungry so I reoffer the famous chicken nuggets and explain to him that if he is hungry that’s all i have got to offer. He accepts the chicken nuggets and eat a bunch.

This worked that 1 time.

Tonight he was offered something he liked, red rice (we hide Zucchini and egg in the sauce) after 2 bites he stopped. I prepared a plate for myself with rice mixed with meat and he asked for it. Win.

Last night i tried this method but it didn’t work.
I put a plate of chicken for myself .. nothing for him. He came to the table, looked at the chicken and said “NOOOO CHICKEN NOOO”.
I said, ok this is my chicken. I asked him what he wanted, no answer… my husband offered him meatballs he agreed, I warmed them he ate half a small one and that’s it. He went to sleep after having 1/2 meatball as he refused other food.

For lunch today I tried again.
I had some leftover pasta he refused yesterday throwing a fit. I warmed it up and started eating it after I covered it with (real) Parmigiano (he loves pasta). He looks at it and asks me, “can we share?” And I am like … uhmmm ok but this is my pasta. He ate a good amount.

This is what he eats based on his mood. But it’s a hit or miss.
Lentil pasta
Avocado and chips
Potatoes in most forms
Sometimes soup
Zucchine cut into Spaghetti.
Almond mild

But again, he may or may not eat them depending on his mood. Most of the time he may refuse these too also because bored of them.

He hates smoothies, today I got him to help me make one for myself, I showed him that I put cherries and Strawberries and banana … once ready he ran away refusing to even try it. I make smoothies for myself pretty often.

I also bake tons of stuff with hidden vegetables and he won’t really eat them. He likes sweets (I don’t allow any candies except for the vit C lollipops and elderberry gummies, the other day someone brought a pack of sour worms as a gift, I quickly hid it, he asked for them as my older showed him but eventually forgot about them) and cookies so I buy him the chocolate chip cookies with the hidden vegetables and the almond flour ones and let him have 1 or 2/day top.

For dairy he eats only real Parmigiano and the cheese on the pizza. Hates yogurt (since a baby) but eats yogis (frozen yogurt bites).

He hates breakfast. He would eat 3 slices of bagel and 4 oz of almond milk.

Hopefully it passes when he grows up but … who knows.

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